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New Innovations in cosmetics for thread lifting

New Innovations in cosmetics for thread lifting

There have been so many new innovations in the cosmetic world. Thread lifting has become far more easier and advanced by the involvement of new technologies to build far more superior and efficient cannulas that can be used for different thread lifting procedures. Such cannulas have greatly helped the doctors and physicians to give their patients a much more comfortable enviropment. Following are new cannulas that experts suggest for PDO thread lift.

W-Type Cannula 3D cog

W type cannulas are specially developed cannulas for usage around the eyes while they are almost the same as spiral sharp cannulas. Here the round shape of the needle head makes it greatly viable for the thread to hold shape while the risk of bruising is reduced due to the secure procedure developed for the most delicate area of the skin. The cannula is more helpful when a hole is already made to insert the cannula beforehand. The diameter and gauges vary with the different 60mm- 100mm lengths that have varying thickness from 1 to 2 points and suture lengths from 120mm to 160mm as well.  W-Type cannulas with 3D cog are much more efficient for having painless thread lift treatment.

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